I don’t know where the putting your foot in your mouth when you unintentionally communicate something came from, but I’ll keep it rolling by using it now.

I have been super good about not commenting on any Facebook Page Articles. Like exuberantly good, until today. I communicated my opinion y’all. And not only that, I communicated my opinion on a science page no less with a “breaking” study some psychologist did that claims SPANKING YOUR CHILD WILL BE HARMFUL AND CAUSE THEM TO EXHIBIT WORSE BEHAVIOR AS THEY AGE.

I got all cheeky with: I like how at the end she said her experiment’s results “suggest” and not “determine” when through the beginning of the article, she’s trying to say her experiment shows marked issues in spanked children.

I was told I lacked an understanding in science and the scientific process. Duh.

Last time I did anything science was in …


10th grade Biology? Maybe?

Doesn’t mean I can’t form an opinion on her word choice. Just saying.

Either way, I was given an article to read by a more polished Facebooker, but it’s from Psychology Today and the article is claiming why there is no such thing as “Scientific Proof” so I am waiting for the science nerds who REALLY don’t respect the fluff of Psychology Today articles. I probably won’t see them, but I know they’re out there.

Posted by:Sarah N. Quinn

I don't think I really identify with the term blogger. When blogger comes to mind I think of well curated posts and sponsored content. I basically run this how I ran my LiveJournal 15 years ago - as an online diary. I don't curate my content, I wake up each morning and peck away at my keyboard with a thought or feeling about something. And this is the result of that.

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