There’s a part of feminism I do not get sometimes. To give a blatant example:

Rape & Race. Or the views thereon.

An article about how a woman shouldn’t have to say she’s someone’s daughter, wife, sister to her attacker because she is a person, a human being and that should be enough.

Then I come by an article from Bitch Media talking about what if Justine Damond was black. How she would obviously be treated very differently in our society.

So if a woman is sexually assaulted, “she’s someone” is enough. But if she’s murdered instead of painting her as someone’s daughter or wife or sister, it’s okay to paint her another race to prove something?

Let me layout a few facts about myself before I continue:

I am white. I am a woman. I am a feminist. I voted for Hillary. All lives matter BECAUSE Black Lives Matter, not just because I believe in it. And I am sure I am guilty of white privilege.

Nothing’s perfect.

I also read another article that bugged me. And this will probably get me more shit than the race thing above. Guess we will find out.

Apparently there was a trending hashtag on twitter called IfMenHadPeriods. Gender is a spectrum, I know that just because a person is born with a vagina, doesn’t make them a woman. It’s just physicality. So it would be safe to say that not all men have penises therefore can technically menstruate.

I just don’t think it was meant to offend. I think people got a little too sensitive with it which, sometimes I find myself offended over shit on the internet so I get it, but at the same time, how could we word that hashtag to suffice everyone?




Just because you identify with something doesn’t mean everything about it is going to apply to you.

For instance, I am a feminist. I agree that sexually assaulted women shouldn’t have to be labelled as someone’s wife, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, etcetera to be someone worth respecting and not raping. What I don’t understand is why it’s okay to paint them as a person, but a murdered woman gets theorized upon by painting her another race. In my head it’s conflicting. But just because I don’t agree with all feminists out there doesn’t make me any less feminist. I do believe in women’s rights. I do believe in equal pay. And I damn sure believe in bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.

The thing is, when it comes to gender, men who identify as men and are born with penises pick on traits of the opposite sex (women who were born with vaginas and identify as women) and vice versa. Mansplaining, Man-Cold, Women in Target, etc. You get the picture. It’s always been that way.

Also, just because I am a woman with a vagina who identifies as a woman, doesn’t mean I am like all other women. I think I’ve been in a Target maybe 5 times in my life and doubt I ever spent more than $40 bucks in there.

8 Comments on “Nothing is Perfect

    • Target, the store. There’s several memes on how women love shopping at Target and going in for one item and end up spending hundreds on lots of things.


    • No. There are memes showing what a typical guy does when going into a store and what a typical woman does. Not to say it’s always that way, I technically shop like a guy for instance. I go directly where the item is and take it directly to checkout. My friends who are women like to shop so they buy all sorts of stuff that they didn’t intend originally.


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