This is going to be a tangent

I think it’s ridiculous when people argue Apple vs Android (Usually Samsung).

Maybe because it pisses me off that they usually lack the knowledge to effectively argue which technology is “better.”

I saw a graphic (which spurred this tangent) about a pseudo argument between Apple and Android users. I’m sure you can find several just googling it.

This will not be a tangent on what is better because to be straight, I think they are both bringing their A games. Also I believe it truly depends on the user and what’s important to them.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter… or the guts:

Face ID / Facial Recognition.

Android had the technology for this one first. They have had it, roughly, for 4 years. It is available on the Samsung Note 8, the galaxy s8 and 8+ and probably other android devices.

Kicker – Samsung does NOT recommend using the feature if you want your device locked securely. They have had the technology for 4 years and never improved it in those 4 years.

Apple comes out with a device that relies on Face ID if you don’t want to enter a passcode however many times a day you need to open your device.

It is the most secure technology in locking your device. Now have there been mishaps with it? A couple, but nothing that’s not fixable. Plus, it’s the first Face ID of its kind so we learn as we go and Apple is known for constantly striving to do better.

iPhone X Display made by Samsung

Apple has no qualms about going through Samsung to get a great display.

Kicker – The technology of the iPhone X display is not used on the Samsung Note 8 or any of Samsung’s flagship devices. It was “made” by Samsung, but designed by Apple.


The Samsung Note 8 runs about $960 if you buy it outright and don’t go through eBay. The iPhone X is $999 for the 64GB and $1149 for the 256GB.

That is pricey for a device. This is the year of that as we have seen. More than likely if you are a potential user for devices like these, you upgrade your phone yearly. So in any case, if you finance the device through a carrier or Apple iPhone Upgrade program because you want the latest technology and if you have it for a year, you’re only paying half the cost of the phone.

In closing

If Samsung and Apple can work together and obviously have respect for one another, why can’t we focus on the features that we need, the features we want, and respect each other as Android and Apple users?


Since everyone else is doing it

Everyone is ragging on the choice for Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. The “winner” is/was/everyone will forget this in 5 minutes so wtf will it matter Blake Shelton. Totally making an assumption, I think he had a good following in the country music realm (I don’t listen to country) but I really think his link to powerhouse Gwen Stefani skyrocketed his fame. Like even with that show they are on (The Voice?), he was probably the token country guy. She came on, they hook up, boom.

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I am attracted to everyone when I first meet them. Then it wears off. It always wears off.

Jessa Johansson (Girls HBO)

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I will miss you, dashboard

For years now, whatever year it was WordPress(.com) came out with the “new and improved editor” — which is on an interface that I feel supports mobile devices more so than your standard computers — bloggers and myself have speculated on the dashboard’s impending doom.

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Four Chapters In…

I was looking for something to listen to while I put myself to bed like a 10-year-old at 9pm last night. Well, maybe, a 10-year-old who has parents who give fucks about bedtime.

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What’s in your head?

Last night, I was catching up on a few blogs I follow. I noticed Heather from dooce® wrote an essay that mentioned how grateful she was for the therapy that has and is helping her daughters. It is in fact titled:

The life-changing magic of really expensive therapy

It made me begin to review how I felt about talk therapy. I actually may have made an off the cuff statement in a previous post about my feelings toward therapy, so now I guess we are at the time where we divulge a little more about that. Thanks, Heather… 

I have gone to therapy a few times in my life. When I was 14, I was self-harming, depressed and sometimes suicidal. They tried Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and really nothing was working. So, I went to therapy. My first therapist tried to convince me and my mother that I was molested as a child. And that I had repressed it.

Honestly, if I were and I repressed it that well, why would I want to know? Why would I want to bring it to my conscience? As far as my knowledge, this is false. So the therapist left a bad taste in my mouth.

I then saw a therapist that either let me talk or let me sit in silence for the whole session. He took my insurance and was cheap, but there was no coping mechanisms shared, nothing really therapeutic. He was billing my insurance as Depression NOS (Not otherwise specified) which basically means there isn’t a known cause – no definitive proof of it being chemical, situational, seasonal… just as examples. Since I was going nowhere after a year with this therapist, I stopped going.

After my teens and accumulating 3 hospital stays for self harming and suicidal ideation, I turned 18 and it was like nothing happened. I lived a very normal young woman existence until my brain broke. I was 24 when I was first diagnosed Bipolar. I didn’t accept it as a diagnosis until it happened again at the age of 27.

I decided to see a therapist when I was having a hard time getting into employment again. She talked about her life more than I ever divulged of mine. Basically I was paying her to be her therapist.

So after that, I decided my main part of treatment would be and is now medications. Last year, I decided to give therapy another try. The therapist was acutely focused on attention deficit disorder. He had the disorder himself. After a handful of sessions I was filling a script from my psychiatrist for a low dose of Ritalin. It got me through my boring job, I did feel very productive, but I also knew it was like legal speed. I felt very happy on it. Very happy. I stopped seeing the therapist and told my psychiatrist to mark my file to not give me any stimulants.

So in summary, I have had the creating false memories kinda therapist, the passive therapist, the reverse therapy where I was the therapist, and the self-projecting therapist.

Wait. I forgot one.

I did see a psychologist when I was first diagnosed at 24. He was highly expensive, but he was amazing. I’d see him now, but he’s $200.00 a session. Yeah, I am with Heather. Really expensive therapy just may be where it’s at.


Apple Head

I could probably google the slang term used for someone who, how do we say, “buys into” the Apple ecosystem. Ecosystem meaning the continuity between devices – they seamlessly work together. But I don’t feel like it and I kinda like Apple Head.

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